Chevron Belt 1800 mm wide – VulcaBeast Production


Narviflex is producing at this moment on the amazing VulcaBeast press, in after-vulcanisation, a chevron belt of 1800 mm wide, with chevrons of 30 mm high. As you know, a chevron belt on 1800 mm wide, is nearly impossible to find in standard ranges, but we can produce it for you a the VulcaBeast press. In short, we will start also the production of a 30 mm high chevron belt, with chevrons placed on a heavy duty Double Straight Warp belt N-Flex 1000/2 8+3 WRX. Our chevrons are also made with type W rubber and have, after vulcanisation, a hardness of 55 sh A, which make the chevrons flexible and wear-resistant, the best guarantee for excellent performance !

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