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At Narviflex, we are all “Black Belts” in Conveyor Belting, Industrial Plastics and Transmission Components.

If you have projects in the Benelux, or you are looking for Specialised Belting, that no one else can produce, please contact the Narviflex Headquarters in Geel Belgium.

We have sales and service-teams in Geel (B) – Gent (B)– Grâce-Hollogne/Liège (B) – Sint-Pieters-Leeuw/Brussels (B) – Venlo (Nl) – Drachten (Nl)

Conveyor Belting and Components

Industrial Plastics

Transmission Components

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Products & Divisions


We can produce fast, reliable and affordable your products.

But as a “plus”, we offer you 6-star premium service, with more than 50 installation teams in Belgium and The Netherlands. Our 6 branches all have stock and machines to install the products, supported Day and Night, seven days in the week, by the distribution centre in Geel (B), 25 kms from the Antwerp area.

Installation Jobs

Narviflex has an excellent 24/24h Service for Conveyor Belting Service Jobs in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Luxemburg. If you need urgent Service on a Conveyor Belt, do not hesitate to contact our Head Office in Geel. We can send Service Technicians from each Service Branch.

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C.O.P.S. means : Conveyor Outsourcing Project Service. In COPS we perform all maintenance tasks on your conveyor belting installations. The COPS Service technicians are also aces in mechanical works, to modify your installations.

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SWAT Waterjet

The Narviflex 5-axis (3D) Waterjet can cut in nearly all materials, like rubber, plastics, foam, steel, stainless steel, stone, glass, etc. With our machine, we can cut in angle (beveled), not only 90°. We act fast as we have all the rubber and plastics in stock and send them the same day to the waterjet.

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Belt Surveys

We can do a survey on your belts and take all dimensions and we can put them in our computer system (day and night accessible by our 24h service call-takers). Then, if something happens in the night or in the weekend, your operators only have to call us and give the ID-number of the belt. Afterwards, we can send immediately a service-team, with the appropriate materials.

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