Conveyor Belting

Narviflex has a very wide range of CONVEYOR BELTING. With conveyor belting, we started our business and it still is nowadays, our core business.

Conveyor belting is the Lifeline of a company : without conveyor belting, nothing “rolls”. But purchasing conveyor belting is one point, but what about installation ? Narviflex focuses with 50 installation teams, in 6 branches in the Benelux, on service and 24h service, 7 days a week.

In general belting, we produce and install :

  • Lightweight pvc/pu conveyor belting
  • Rubber conveyor belting

Specialised Belting

When does the range of general belting stops and starts specialised belting ? In our opinion, this is not important, as we are specialised in ALL BELTING :

  • Timing belts, transmission and machine belting
  • Modular belting
  • Extruded belting in pu (round and V)
  • Metal mesh belting
  • PTFE belting
  • Endless woven belting
  • Volta Power – each length is possible

Components for Internal transport systems

To make your belt run, you need more than the conveyor belt. You also need following components, often in stock in the Narviflex warehouses :

  • Scrapers
  • Components for ameliorating installations
  • Pulleys, idlers and idler sets
  • Lacing and reparation materials

Rubber Products, Coatings and Linings

Except conveyor belting, we make lots of products in rubber and plastics :

  • Funnels and seals
  • Sheets and cuts in poly-urethane and rubber
  • CNC cutting of all kind of materials by 3D waterjet
  • Lagging in rubber, poly-urethane and ceramic materials of pulleys and idlers
  • Coating by spraycoat in poly-urethane
  • Coating by high pressure hotspray in poly-urea
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