Rubber Conveyor Belting

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Rubber Conveyor Belting

24/24h Service

Rubber Conveyor Belting

Narviflex has a very wide range of CONVEYOR BELTING. With conveyor belting, we started our business and it still is nowadays, our core business.

Conveyor belting is the Lifeline of a company : without conveyor belting, nothing “rolls”. But purchasing conveyor belting is one point, but what about installation ? Narviflex focuses with 50 installation teams, in 6 branches in the Benelux, on service and 24h service, 7 days a week.

Hot Vulcanised Cleats

Narviflex has in the factory in Geel (B) two production lines for vulcanising cleats on rubber belting by hot vulcanisation :

TH .. / 20 types (Tatch-A-Matic)

  • Block Cleats of thickness 20 mm in very anti-abrasive type W rubber and hardness 55 sh A
  • Excellent for Heavy Duty applications, like magnetic overbelts.
  • Available in heights 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 mm.
  • Maximum cleat width 1.600 mm. Maximum belt width 2.000 mm.

THVB types (VulcaBeast)

  • T-Cleats with footh, available thin/flexible or thick/solid.
  • Heights 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 80 mm.
  • For inclined applications.
  • Maximum cleat width 1.400 mm. Maximum belt width 3.000 mm.

If you are allways facing problems with glued cleats falling off your belts (especially on overbelts), please contact us ! Go for HOT vulcanised cleats and forget the problems with glue.

Hot Vulcanised Cleats

On Rubber Belting

Fast delivery times and very good quality !

Chevron Belts

Not standard ! Tailor-Made !

Do not hesitate to compose your own chevron belt ! We will make it for you !

VulcaBeast Tailor-Made Chevrons

On our VulcaBeast presses, we can install aluminium moulds to make tailor-made chevron belts, with chevrons of height 5, 15, 25 and 30 mm.

Tailor-made means that you can choose chevron widths of 350, 630, 915, 1185 or 1390 mm, on maximum belt width of 3000 mm, on special belt types like Ultra X, straight warp, oil and grease resistant, sliding belts, very thick belts, etc.

Do not hesitate to send us your enquiry !

VBLC type chevron (height 15 mm) – Data Sheet

VBMC type chevron (height 25 mm) – Data Sheet

VBHC type chevron (height 30 mm) – Data Sheet

Longitudinal Hot splices in rubber belts

At Narviflex, we can splice rubber conveyor belting, with a hot longitudinal splicing. This means that we can easily produce belts wider than 2000 mm for you ! Maximum belt width : 3000 mm.

We can do also the transversal joinings up to 3000 mm belt width !

Hot Longitudinal joinings

in rubber belting !

We can make wide belts, wider than 2000 mm. Up to belt width 3000 mm.

Waterjet cutting

on rubber conveyor belting

We cut by 3D waterjet, holes and special shapes in your conveyor belting !

Waterjet Cutting in Conveyor Belting

The Narviflex 3D waterjet can cut holes and shapes in rubber conveyor belting :

  • In all belt widths, up to 3000 mm wide
  • In each thickness of belt (we can cut up to 250 mm thickness, so certainly each type of conveyor belt)
  • Make your own DXF CAD File of send your sketch, we will do it for you !
  • Short delivery times